The guiding principle of our Expenses Policy is that no member of the executive committee, leaders or helpers should be expected to end up out of pocket through providing for our Group’s activities, gaining and maintaining mandatory qualifications, or participating in courses already sanctioned by the executive.

Expenses categories:

  • Section program
  • Equiptment
  • Regular Group Expenses (Badges)
  • Camps, Activities & Events

Payment of all group expenses MUST comply with the groups expenses payment policy.

Section Program

Each Section Leader has a standing authority to purchase items of small value for the weekly activities they intend to run during a term.  The Executive Committee have agreed that each section can spend up to £5 per member (as recorded at the start of each term) per term without obtaining additional approval.  Section term budget will be loaded onto the agreed pre payment card

This payment card is the responsibility of the named card holder (Section Leader).

This fund should not be used to purchase equipment or fund trips, camps, etc. ( For this kind of trip, see section below Camps and Organised Activities & Events )

Group / Section Leaders will need to order Badges / Neckers for their members on a regular basis. This does not need specific approval from the Executive Committee. ( see Regular Group Expensessection )

Regular Group expenses

The Treasurer & GSL has the authority to raise cheques & payment’s of the following items without having to request approval at an Executive Committee meeting:

  • Annual Insurance Renewals
  • Scout HQ services (water, Gas & Electricity)
  • Payment of any Badge / Necker account invoices
  • Capitation fees
  • Any other regular Group expenditure

Camps and Activities / Events

It is intended that any organised Group or Section Camp, Trip or other Event is costed to end up “funds neutral.” Each should be managed by a nominated organiser who must assess whether this is likely, or if a deposit, support or a “float” is needed. Any such support requires consideration and approval by the Executive Committee ahead of the event, and recorded in the minutes. Any help or hardship support relating to attendance at the event is in the gift of the Section Leader, but should be documented in the Account accompanying the Expenses Form following the event. Items for direct payment should be invoiced to the Group and sent to the Treasurer or GSL for payment.

Payment for Camp food & adtional activities whlist on camp, the agreed budget will be loaded onto the agreed pre paid card for the leader to have direct access ot the funds.

Payments for all scout group events must use the groups offical payment system, no Cash is to be collected.

Expenses Payment Policy

  • All expenses must be paid for with a 2nd Datchworth scout group approved payment methord as below:
    • Group managed pre paid debit card
    • Group account debit card
    • Bank Transfere
    • Group Cheque
  • All expenses are to be recorded in the Equals paument app including a photo of the receipt
    • All expences must have a receipt with them
    • All physical receipt’s must be avaiable for the Treasurer where requested
  • Large expenses (equiptment) must be officley requested and will be reviewed by The trustree board