Young people may become members of the Scout Group subject to our Policies

Admissions Policy

A young person may be offered a place as a youth member of the 2nd Datchworth Scout Group subject to the rules and policies of The Scout Association and this local admissions policy.

At 2nd Datchworth, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming group to all and particularly to our local community. We would love to take every young person that enquires about a place, however this is not always possible due to meeting space and limited volunteers to run our sections. Our younger sections in particular can get over subscribed very quickly and places can only be offered in sections where we have available space, and a child is of the correct age. 

Registering a child’s interest in joining the Scout group does not guarantee them a place. 

If a section is over subscribed, places will be allocated in order to best serve our existing Scouting and local community. Allocation of spaces will be prioritised according to the following criteria: 

  1. Succession within 2nd Datchworth (e.g an existing Cubs moving to Scouts). 
  2. Existing Scouting members moving into our catchment area. 
  3. Siblings of current members in 2nd Datchworth. 
  4. The willingness of parents/ carers to take on a formal volunteer role within 2nd Datchworth and contribute in a meaningful way. 
  5. The home address of the child is within our catchment area and will be prioritised based on:
    1. Home address of the child is within Datchworth village. 
    2. Home address of the child is within 3 mile radius from Datchworth Scout Hut (see map below). 
  6. The home address of the child is within the wider Stevenage District Scout area (SG1 and SG2 postcodes). 
  7. The length of time that the child has been on the waiting list. 

please be aware that depending on numbers eligible for a space, the offering of a space may be time limited

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The decision to admit anyone to membership of the Scout Group rests with the Group Scout Leader, in accordance with The Scout Association’s policies. There is no formal right of appeal, but we welcome dialogue with parents.

Membership Policy

Membership of 2nd Datchworth Scout Group (here after called the scout group) is based on the following terms

New Members are offered a free trial place for 4 continuous weeks
• After the trial period, young people are offered membership at the scout group.
• Parents / carers are expected to purchase the young person’s uniform top for the relevant section.
• The scout group will provide the young person with their first scarf and initial set of membership badges.
• Post accepting the place the young person will be invested as a member of the scout group and the wider scout movement.

Subscription Fees (Subs)
• All members are expected to pay Subs. These are payable monthly after the trial period has ended (including August) and are collected by Go Cardless managed through Online Scout Manager (OSM)
• Parent’s / carers are expected to setup payment when invited to the payment schedule from OSM.
• Subs are currently £12 per month per member. The group has the right to change this figure. All changes will have at least 1 months’ notice.
• Subs is paid regardless of attendance.
• Should subs not be paid or ceased to be paid for 2 consecutive months, membership of the scout group will cease immediately, unless an agreement has been made with the GSL.

Non attendance
• Should a member not attend for 6 continuous weeks without notification, they will be deemed as left the scout group.

Leaving the group
• Should a member leave, the group expects to be notified immediately, in writing from parents / carers. On notification of leaving, the scout group will cancel the membership payment.
• The scout group will not refund any payments received should there be any delay in notifying the group of the young member leaving.
• All data will be held and or removed as per the scout groups privacy policy.
• If we are aware in writing of any potential group transfer, the scout group will hold on to the young members OSM record for a maximum of 3 months after the young member has left.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The 2nd Datchworth Scout Group follows the rules and policies of The Scout Association.

The Scout Association is committed to extending Scouting, its Purpose and Method to young people in all parts of society.

No young person should receive less favourable treatment on the basis of, nor suffer disadvantage harassment or discrimination by reason of:

  • Class or socio-economic status;
  • ethnic or national origin, nationality (or statelessness) or race;
  • gender (including gender reassignment);
  • marital or civil partnership status;
  • sexual orientation;
  • disability;
  • political belief;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • religion, belief or faith (including the absence of religion, belief or faith);
  • sex;
  • age.

The Scout Association’s Equal Opportunities Policy

Behaviour Policy

The Scouting Movement is based on Friendship, Trust, Consideration, Respect for others and oneself and the opportunity to try new things. When Invested every member makes a Promise to the Scouting Movement to abide by these principles. Whilst the Group can tolerate some behaviour which would be deemed as part of their personal medical diagnosis, the scout group will NOT tolerate bullying, physical harm, vulgar language, deliberate damage to property and anything else which may be deemed against these principles. If members are not prepared to keep this Promise and continually disrupt Section meetings with poor behaviour and spoiling the fun for the other members, then this may result in loss of invites to special activities or camps or even removal from the Scout Group entirely.

Complaints Policy

We encourage anyone with concerns about Scouting in Datchworth to contact us to discuss their concerns.

Complaints about any aspect of Scouting may be made in accordance with The Scouts Complaints Policy.

Paymet Policy

Our payment policy can be found here