Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire of 2nd Datchworth scout HQ is subject to the terms below

  1. The Hall Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application without stating the reason for doing so and reserves the right to impose special conditions should this be required. Every application must state the nature and purpose of the letting for which the facility is required. The 2nd Datchworth Scout Group Management Committee will have the power at any time and without previous notice to cancel any letting. Accommodation is available at the discretion of Hall Management Committee. The right to use the said facilities are not transferable.

  2. The Hall Management reserves the right to introduce any terms and conditions that are felt necessary to ensure hall users safety and that the hall and its surrounding area are safeguarded.

  3. The scout HQ is used each week by the group. Please do not relocate any personal items of the group during the time you hire the hut. If an item is left out that may be damaged and it is safer to relocate it temporally please put it back where you found it.

  4. The Hirer is expected to conduct their activities and to ensure that the rights hereby granted are so exercised as not in any way to interfere with or adversely affect the enjoyment of the Property by the Group or by others authorised by the Group to be or to become a nuisance to the owners or occupiers of adjoining & surrounding premises
  1. The Hirer is expected to use their best endeavours to expel any persons trespassing on the Premises. 
  1. The Hirer is expected to take reasonable care of the Premises and to keep the Premises clean and tidy and clear of litter and to ensure that the Property is made properly secure at the end of the hire
  2. The Hirer is expected not to sub-hire or part with any of the rights hereby granted or to share the occupation of the Premises
  3. The Hirer is expected to obtain all necessary approvals or licences from any competent statutory authority in order to use the Premises for the Permitted Use and to comply with all legislation and statutory requirements of any such authority in respect of the use of the Premises by the hirer and to indemnify the Scout group in respect of any non compliance therewith
  4. The scout group accepts no liability against third party claims against the Hirer in respect of death of or injury to any persons(s) and/or damage to property moveable or unmoveable arising from the Permitted Use by the Hirer.
  5. The scout HQ carpark is rather small. If a village hall event is on it is not acceptable to park extra cars in the village hall carpark, should a large number of cars be expected please request the use of the farmers field for parking.

  6. The Hirer will only be permitted to enter the Scout HQ and uses the Premises during the Permitted Hours for the Permitted Use as per the booking form.
    • Keys will only be provided on the day of the hire unless prior arrangement has been made.
    • Keys are required to be returned at the end of the hire prior arrangement has been made.

  7. A copy of the scout groups HQ risk assessment is available on request, every user is responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment for their use of the HQ & where required the field.

  8. Farmers Filed:
    • The farmers field next to the scout HQ is able to be requested for use via the scout group (this is prefiable).
      • The use request must include information about planned activities & if it is needed for parking.
        • Fires have been allowed, please advise if you plan a fire and if this is raised or on the ground..
      • It is common that the farmer will not request any payment, but this is not a given.
      • Use of the field does not give the user sole rights to the field.
        • The rugby pitch is not to be used or blocked, the rugby club need full access to this.
        • The field is often used generally by the public and dogs are often walked there.
        • The field dose have public foot path’s running through it, one of these sections is in the part directly next to the scout HQ, this must not be blocked or obstructed.
    • Power must not be ran into the field past the scout HQ boundary fence.
    • The field must be left clean and tidy.
    • Camping on the field is allowed.
      • Please be aware of noise & light from camping and how this will affect our neighbours.

  9. Rubbish & cleaning:
    • The scout group doesn’t have a rubbish collection, All rubbish must be removed from the premises.
    • The hirer is responsible for cleaning the building throughout, including where require mop the floor at the end of their use.
      • All cleaning equipment is stored in the large cupboard on the big (1st) toilet.
      • All cleaning chemicals are locked away,
        • The cleaning chemicals cupboard is under the sink in the big toilet.
        • The cleaning chemicals cupboard key is in the stores hanging up on the right hand side of the door.
        • no chemicals except washing up liquid is to be left out.
    • Empty the fridge of any of your items.

  10. We ask all users to stay out of our equipment stores and the Shed and storage cupboards in the main hall, except for:
    • Access to the electricity consumer unit, this is located opposite the store entrance door above the shelves.

  11. Hot water, there is an override switch above the main entrance door labelled Hot water Over-ride. This will turn the system on and also the above door fan heater. The fan heater can be turned off by the local switch (it is off in the summer) if you turn it off please turn it back on.

  12. Tables & Chairs, The Scout Group has 8 Go pack tables and 40 folding chairs. These are for indoor use ONLY
    • Should you need tables & Chairs for use in the Field you will need to supply these yourself.
    • All Tables and Chairs should be returned as below:
      7 tables in the trolley
      1 table not in the trolley
      40 chairs on the trolley

  13. Kitchen, The Kitchen has a basic amount of equipment and a 6 hob large gas oven.
    • Groups are advised not to expect a fully equipped camp site building kitchen, should there be any cooking requirements (pots & pans) please bring these with you.
    • Please do not empty any of the cupboards of the groups personal equipment there is no storage for any personal food in the Cupboard space.
    • The Kitchen dose has a fridge this should be left clean and empty.

  14. Lighting
    • Please make sure all lights are off when not needed & when you leave.
    • There is an outside light for the carpark, this is switched on by a switch labelled above the main entrance door. Despite this being LED please do not leave this on un-necessary.

  15. Outside power
    • There is a twin13 amp outlet at the front on the village hall side of the HQ, this is switched on by a switch labelled above the main entrance door.
    • There is a high level single at the back of the HQ in the corner hear the field, this is powered by the extension cable in the back left hand corner of the main hall (plug it in to the socket).
    • Power must not be ran into the field past the scout HQ boundary fence.
    • It is the responsibility of the hirer for the safety of any power cables running outside.