Payment Policy

All payments are subject to this policy

2nd datchworth scout group use 3 payment services for all payments to the scout group:

• Online event payment, via Stripe.
• Sumup card payments (portable card machine)
• Gocardless, Subs direct debit’s

• All of the 3 payment services used have fees related to the transaction, as a not for profit charity the scout group cannot afford to absorb these fees and therefor pass these onto the payee

Refunds, where refunds are requested they are subject to:

  • Subs are subject to the policy here
  • Less service provider fee
    • Service providor fees will only be refunded in the event of a clerical error made by 2nd Datchworth Scout Group.

  • Event payments (Sumup & Stripe), where payments have been made towards the event fee. Any refund will be subject to:
    • Subject to loss of any fees paid out (booking or otherwise).
    • Another member taking the place.
  • All deposits are none refundable

NOTE!: website payments & event bookings are not 100% confirmed until you receve an email receipt, if you dont receve this within 2 hours please Contact Us

For all questions & any issues please Contact Us